andy muehlhausen

Emerging Tech Experience Designer

My mission is to build meaningful human-to-human interactions that push the boundaries of technology.
I design, lead, and implement immersive interactive experiences involving combinations of computers and physical interaction.

Personal Projects
Apple IIe bootable disk for invitation to eggnog party
SwiftPackageManager-only video game to learn swift, 2022
Realtime full duplex wireless comms on ESP32, 2021
Fourth Place of 30 teams, LeetHack Stockholm coding competition, 2020
FingerLeague: phone LAN sport, 2019
Tiny Wifi Arduino w/ power, usb, serial, 2018
Ultra Low-Power E-paper Weather Module, 2018
Sketch-and-Say AI-Assist Drawing, 2017
Waveform Synthesis RGB LED controller, 2017
Haptic Vision-Remapping Gauntlet, 2016
HTML5 live-synched audio reactive visualizers, 2014
Sound-Augmented Ping Pong, 2014
55 Player Theatre Video Game, 2014
13' DIY Touchscreen/Projection-Tent Game, 2014

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